Find your access code 1. In your e-mail search Genuine School Portrait Co. 2. Send us a message with your child's name

Greetings St. John’s Families! It was an honor to photograph your kids.

K-8 orders are due by Thursday Oct. 27th

ELC Orders are due TBD

We close the ordering window to so can keep costs low for you. Other than digital files, print orders must be purchased within this timeframe.

SHIPPING You have the option to ship the photos to your home. Expect to receive you photos within 5-10 business days.

SCHOOL PICK UP If you choose to not purchase shipping, your photos will be delivered to the school and sent home with your child one week after the gallery closes.

ORDER MINIMUM There is a $25 order minimum for each order placed, per child.

DIGITAL IMAGES If you purchased digital images, you will be able to immediately download the photos.

FINAL ORDER To keep things fast and affordable. We use a 3rd party to complete our print orders. We are not able to adjust or cancel your order once it’s placed. Since all orders are custom, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

OUR APPROACH We had approximately 90 seconds per child to get a more traditional portrait and then do our best to do something a little lighter with each child. Some fell for our jokes quicker than others, which is why there is a slight difference in the amount of photos presented to each family.




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Please reach out to us with any questions about your child's photos. Thank you!

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Find your code & additional FAQ

Need help finding your access code?

Orders are due by Oct. 27th

1. Search in your e-mail (Search Genuine School Portrait Co.)

2. Send us a message with your child’s name

3. Visit the following site with your access code


Ordering site


The last day to order is Oct. 27th

SHIPPING You are welcome to ship prints to your home for quickest delivery.

SCHOOL PICK UP School pick up will be available free of delivery fees. Images will be delivered one week after your gallery closes.

DIGITAL IMAGES If you purchased digital images, you will be able to immediately download the photos.

SALES ARE FINAL To keep great school photography easy and efficient, we use a 3rd party service to fulfill your orders. We are unable to cancel or adjust orders once submitted. Since orders are custom, we are not able to offer returns or exchanges.

ORDER MINIMUM We have a $25 order minimum, per child.

WATCH YOUR CROP The crop of the images are set in camera. Some are closer to the face for a more fun, personality filled image. Some are more traditional with more space around your child. We try to cover it all.

You will be able to choose your final photo size when ordering and the software will let you know how your image will be cropped depending on its size.